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Visual Studio 2010 doesn't Support Micro Framework V4

Following on from my previous post, I've had it confirmed by Microsoft that currently Visual Studio 2010 doesn't support .Net Micro Framework V4. It looks like it does, but it doesn't. Shame as VS2010 is very nice to work with. I guess we will just have to wait for an update to .NET MF before we can use VS2010.


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.NET Micro Framework v4 in VS2010

In summary, it doesn't work.

The problems I've seen are with the RC version of VS2010, hopefully some of these might be fixed in the RTM version, otherwise I guess a patch for .NET MF will be required.

The Setup:

  • Install VS2010

  • Install Device Solutions SDK for the Meridian/P

  • Try to install .NET Micro Framework v4 – this fails as it requires Document Explorer 2008.

  • Install VS2008

  • Install .NET Micro Framework v4


Once you've got that lot installed you can happily build and debug Micro Framework projects in VS2008:




However whilst creating a new MF Console application in VS2010 appears to work initially you get a load of broken references and the framework is missing:


When you try and build the project MSBuild crashes.

The missing references and MSBuild crash are because of a missing target in the .csproj file. If you add in <Target Name=”SplitProjectReferencesByType” /> and reload the project then the references appear correctly:



However the framework is still missing and the project wont compile:



Unfortunately as yet I have no idea how to get a v4 Micro Framework project working in VS2010, so for now stick to VS2008 folks.



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